AFEM’s resources are Africa-specific for clinical, nursing, and pre-hospital emergency care. Our materials are almost entirely open source and provide guidance for leadership development, education and training, advocacy, and policy. Many of our resources have been written and reviewed by global leaders in emergency care.





  • AFEM’s Statement on COVID-19 [PDF]
  • AFEM Statement regarding the COVID-19 Severity Scoring Tool 4 June 2020 [PDF], Updated statement  5 June 2020 [PDF], Version Française [PDF]
  • Palliative Care Guidelines for Families [PDF]
  • COVID19 Palliative Care Guideline for Frontline Providers [PDF]
  • Ethical considerations for emergency care during COVID-19 in Africa [PDF]

The purpose of this regular review, is to present COVID-19 related questions in Emergency Medicine. This is a collaborative effort between EMCT and AFEM.

  • RR1: Disease course and expectation, Suctioning, Awake Proning [PDF]
  • RR2: Does BCG vaccination offer protection against COVID-19? [PDF]
  • RR3: Evidence for N95 extended use, re-use and decontamination [PDF]
  • RR4: Nebulisation, Physiotherapy, Breathing Exercise [PDF]
  • RR5: Flattening the Curve [PDF]
  • RR6: Diagnostics [PDF]
  • RR7: COVID-19 Associated Coagulopathy (CAC), VTE and D-dimer, JACC Consensus Recommendations [PDF]
  • RR8: Palliative Care [PDF]
  • RR9: COVID19 in Paediatrics [PDF]
  • RR10: Respiratory Support- improving mortality outcomes [PDF]


  • Cook et al — Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID-19 [link]
  • COVID19 Critical Care Guidelines — North York General Hospital Emergency Department [link]



Note: All upcoming webinars are subject to change

Week 1: Introducing the Webinar Series [April 23rd]
  • AFEM & WHO Clinical Resources: Prof Lee Wallis, Dr.Pryanka Relan [PPT]
  • COVID-19 Current African Data and Future Modeling: Dr. Annet Alenyo [PPT]
Week 2: Appropriate use of PPE [April 30th]
Week 3: Screening & Triage [May 14th]
  • COVID-19 screening: experiences & lessons learnt: Dr. Arifa Parker [PPT Coming soon] [Webinar recording]
  • Namibian experience: Dr. Kaveto Sikuvi [ PPT Coming soon] [Webinar recording]
Week 4: Facility Set Up- separation, flow [May 21st]
  • Health facility flow and safety in COVID19: Prof Heike Geduld [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
  • Rwanda experience: Dr. Appolinaire Manirafasha & Dr. Nahayo Ernest [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
Week 5: EMS & COVID19 [May 28th]
Week 6: Clinical Case Management [June 4th]
  • Clinical case management: Dr. Clint Hendrikse [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
  • Egypt experience: Dr. Wesam Ibrahim [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
Week 7: Field hospital/ SARI treatment centre setup   [June 11th]
  • Field Hospital setup: Dr. Vanessa Naidoo [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
  • Nigeria experience: Dr. Idowu Olajide [PPT coming soon] [Webinar recording]
Week 8: Reviewing the literature [June 25th]
Week 9: African research priorities  [July 2nd]
Week 10: Palliative Care [July 9th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 11: COVID paediatric considerations [July 16th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 12: Nursing care during COVID19 pandemic[July 23rd]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 13: Basic critical care for the EU doctor (COVID focus) [July 30th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 14: Malaria, HIV, TB and COVID19 [August 6th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 15: Coronavirus testing [August 13th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 16: Ethical considerations during COVID19 pandemic [August 20th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 17: Epidemiology [August 27th]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 18: Technology and communication in COVID19 [September 3rd]
  • Join link coming soon
Week 19: Maintaining essential health services during COVID19  [September 10th]
  • Join link coming soon














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